Every successful online marketing campaign is accompanied by some type of analytics tracking and reporting system. Do you know how much traffic your website gets? Or better yet, of those visitors, do you know how many are viewing or engaging with your most important pages and content? If you can’t answer yes to either of these questions, then you could very well be wasting marketing dollars and losing opportunities for gaining new business.

How are You Tracking Your Website’s Visitors and Usage?

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing (eg. Paid Search or SEO) over offline marketing (eg. print ads or mailers) is the ability to track every single dollar you spend to determine what kind of return it is producing for you. With some extremely handy tools, like Google Analytics, you are able to track just about every single thing a visitor does once they visit your website. Website tracking and reporting can help you optimize your website and web marketing efforts to get the best return possible.

How Can We Help You with Website Tracking and Reporting?

Tracking and Reporting

Implementing any online marketing campaign, or even just launching a website, without setting up the proper website analytics tracking and reporting processes can lead to lots of time and money being thrown down the drain. Not to be too dramatic, but the severity and importance of knowing how your users are getting to your website, what they are doing once they are on it and why they are leaving it cannot be overstated.

We strongly believe that every successful online marketing campaign is accompanied by some type of tracking and reporting system. Whether you are using one already and don’t know how to leverage it or need some help with getting a tracking and reporting system setup, then we can help.

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